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If you are interested in listing your instrument on consignment on, please read the information below. If you have any additional questions regarding listings, please contact us at

Generally with older, vintage instruments, it's best to have them serviced if required beforehand. If you have a newer instrument that does require attention, we may opt to either purchase it outright or suggest that you have it serviced prior to listing. If you have an instrument that does not require restoration or servicing, below you will find general information regarding listing your instrument on consignment.

In order to list your instrument, we need photos, a detail of condition listing any dings/dents/scratches that a buyer would want to know about, model/brand information, age of instrument and any other important information you find useful in helping assist you to sell your instrument including any serivicng that was previously done and by whom. Include your address/tel and location of instrument. If you do not have an idea of value, once we have the above information, we can help give you a fair value of your instrument. If you do have a figure in mind, please state your asking price including your bottom line you are willing to net in case offers come in. We need to know your bottom line net figure, i.e. what you are willing to net after sale is final. This will help us respond to interested inquiries in a timely fashion without having to wait to hear back from a seller which can sometimes take days. 

Since we do not add a fixed commission on consignment sales, our commission varies depending on the end sales price. For instance, if a seller lists an instrument on our site for $5,000 yet is willing to net $4,000, the difference of $1,000 covers any merchant fees and or transaction detail expenses. This margin also leaves room to consider any offer made below the listed price. Any remaining amount acts as our commission.

Ultimately we want to connect a buyer with a seller and get instruments into the hands of players.

Once the instrument sells, either the seller or arranges packaging or crating of the instrument(s). We arrange pick up and handle all shipping details.

We hold the buyer's funds until the instrument is received. We allow 5 days, as posted on our puchasing page, for a buyer to confirm the instrument(s) is in the condition stated, at which time we release a payment to seller by paypal or company check. Any associated Paypal payment fees are the responsibility of the seller.

We do ask that consignment sellers refrain from listing their instrument(s) elsewhere when advertising on our site to avoid multiple parties entering into sales agreements simultaneously. This pertains to whether an instrument is listed on or if we engage in conversations with prospects regarding the sale of your instrument(s) without listing. 

Generally our listings move fairly quickly because of the reputation our site has built over the years and the assurance individuals have in our company. Notwithstanding you are welcome to remove your listing at anytime.

We do accept VISA, Mastercard and Discover enabling individuals to pay for big ticket items more easily.

Additionally you are invited to use our 'Need a Reference?' feedback form to hear directly from others who have used our services by visiting our Customer Reference List.

Please let us know if you have any other questions. We look forward to assisting you sell your instrument.

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