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Deagan Radio Xylophones

The Deagan Radio xylophones were designed to meet the demands of recording artists. The frames and resonators were much lighter were made of aluminum rather than nickel plated brass used in earlier Professional models. The 900 series Super-Radio xylophones were decided favorites for radio specialty work. The Radio-Master xylophones featured folding resonators and frames making this model extremely portable and ideal for the broadcast artist.

Radio Xylophones

Instrument Model Number Name Octaves & Range Bar Size Date Built Notes
Xylo 855 Radio 3.5 F-C   1929-32  
Xylo 924 Super-Radio 3.5 F-C   1932-40  
Xylo 926 Super-Radio 4 C-C   1932-40  
Xylo 886 Radio-Master 3.5 F-C   1933-40  
Xylo 888 Radio-Master 4 C-C   1933-40  




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