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Deagan Organ Chimes

A single tone or chime of "Deagan Organ Chimes" consists of four bell metal tubes mounted in a frame. The number of frames or chimes as specified mounted on a floor rack constitute a set, and the instrument is played by striking or shaking the same as Sleigh Bells.

"Deagan Organ Chimes" have a marvelously rich quadruple tone, very similar to that of a grand Pipe Organ, but of a clearer and more bell like quality. 

All metal parts of "Deagan Organ Chimes" are highly polished and triple nickel plated and each of the frames containing the four tubes can be unhooked from the rack and packed in an ordinary trunk in but a minute's time.

The floor racks on which "Deagan Organ Chimes" are mounted are mdae of highly polished and triple plated seamless steel tubing. The racks are of the original Deagan slip joint design, there being no screws of any kind to get lost or out of order. 

"Deagan Organ Chimes" are universally conceded as being the greatest novelty instrument ever invented, and can be played by from one to six performers according to the size and range. 
Source: Deagan Catalog H

"Deagan Organ Chimes" Mounted on Floor Racks

Instrument Model Number Octaves & Range No. of Chimes Tuning
Organ Chimes 5400 1.5 F-C 20 High Pitch
Organ Chimes 5500 1.5 F-C 20 Low Pitch
Organ Chimes 5402 2 C-C 25 High Pitch
Organ Chimes 5502 2 C-C 25 Low Pitch
Organ Chimes 5404 2 C-C (with low F, G / high D) 28 High Pitch
Organ Chimes 5504 2 C-C (with low F, G / high D) 28 Low Pitch
Organ Chimes 5406 2.5 F-C 32 High Pitch
Organ Chimes 5506 2.5 F-C 32 Low Pitch
Organ Chimes 5407 3 1/8 E-F 38 High Pitch
Organ Chimes 5507 3 1/8 E-F 38 Low Pitch
Organ Chimes 5408 3.5 C-G 44 High Pitch
Organ Chimes 5508 3.5 C-G 44 Low Pitch
Organ Chimes 5410 4 G-G 49 High Pitch
Organ Chimes 5510 4 G-G 49 Low Pitch

 Nos. 5408, 5508, 5410, 5510 are mounted on two floor racks.

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