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Deagan "Steel Marimbaphones"  

You will note on perusing the following pages that we list Marimbas of various styles and kinds under various names. Instruments that are played with bows as well as mallets are called Marimbaphones, and instruments that are played with mallets only are called Marimbas.

Deagan Steel Marimbaphones are made of special alloy steel bars mounted on frames and each bar is equipped with a special Designed Deagan Patent resonator, the whole being mounted on a substantial steel tube floor rack and can be played with bows or mallets.

The changing of the instrument from bowing to mallet playing position or vice versa, is instantaneous and is accomplished by turning bolts conveniently located at end of instrument.

A Deagan Steel Marimbaphone is a most valuable addition to any orchestra in which it will replace the Italian Harp, having all the desirable tone qualities of the Harp with the additional advantage of always being in tune.

Deagan Steel Marimbaphone blends perfectly with the voice and has a tendency to build it up and many of the more prominent singers carry a Deagan Steel Marimbaphone with them for accompaniment purposes.

Deagan Steel Marimbaphones can be played by from one to four people, according to size and range and as two separate sets of selections can be played on an instrument, one with bows and one with mallets, the instrument is practically two instruments in one.

Deagan Steel Marimbaphones are also very adaptable for home use, as the instrument is very simple to play and the tone is of absolutely the very finest quality, being similar to that of Musical Glasses, it makes and ideal instrument for a Music Room.

Source: Deagan Catalog G


Deagan "Steel Marimbaphones" With Resonators Mounted on Floor Racks

Instrument Model Number Name Octaves & Range Bar Size Date Built Tuning
Marimbaphone 7013 Steel 2 1/8 C-C + D     High Pitch
Marimbaphone 7113 Steel 2 1/8 C-C + D     Low Pitch
Marimbaphone 7014 Steel 2 1/2 G-C + D & E     High Pitch
Marimbaphone 7114 Steel 2 1/2 G-C + D & E     Low Pitch
Marimbaphone 7015 Steel 3 F-F     High Pitch
Marimbaphone 7115 Steel 3 F-F     Low Pitch
Marimbaphone 7017 Steel 3 1/2 F-C     High Pitch
Marimbaphone 7117 Steel 3 1/2 F-C     Low Pitch
Marimbaphone 7018 Steel 4 E-E     High Pitch
Marimbaphone 7118 Steel 4 E-E     Low Pitch
Marimbaphone 7020 Steel 4 C-C     High Pitch
Marimbaphone 7120 Steel 4 C-C     Low Pitch
Marimbaphone 7022 Steel 4.5 C-F     High Pitch
Marimbaphone 7122 Steel 4.5 C-F     Low Pitch



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