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Deagan "Steel Marimba"

The Steel Marimbas are in all respects the same as the Deagan Steel Marimbaphones except that the instrument is designed to be played with mallets only, and owing to the fact that the instrument is not intended to be played with bows it has been possible to increase the tone quality of the instrument to a marked degree, and where a Marimbaphone is desired to be played with mallets only, it is advisable to select a Steel Marimba, as it is a superior instrument to the Steel Marimbaphone from a musical standpoint.

The frames are rigid and in one piece and the bars are permanently attached to the frames, and the resonators take out from the under side same as our regular Steel Marimbaphone.

The Deagan Steel Marimba is particularly designed for playing harp parts and accompanying singers and is unquestionably the sweetest toned instrument ever manufactured.

Another advantage of the Deagan Steel Marimba is that as the instrument is mounted upon rigid frames it has been possible to greatly reduce the size of the instrument as compared with the Steel Marimbaphone of a given number of notes, so that a Deagan Steel Marimba will easily fit in the Orchestra pit without crowding.

Deagan Steel Marimbas are now being used by many of the leading musical organizations, and there is always a great demand for drummers who are capable of playing harp parts on a Deagan Steel Marimba.

Source: Deagan Catalog G

"Deagan Steel Marimba" With Resonators Mounted on Floor Racks 

Instrument Model Number Name Octaves & Range Bar Size Date Built Tuning
Marimba 4240 Steel 2 C-C     High Pitch
Marimba 4340 Steel 2 C-C     Low Pitch
Marimba 4242 Steel 2.5 G-C     High Pitch
Marimba 4342 Steel 2.5 G-C     Low Pitch
Marimba 4244 Steel 3 G-G     High Pitch
Marimba 4344 Steel 3 G-G     Low Pitch
Marimba 4246 Steel 3.5 G-C     High Pitch
Marimba 4346 Steel 3.5 G-C     Low Pitch
Marimba 4248 Steel 4 C-C     High Pitch
Marimba 4348 Steel 4 C-C     Low Pitch
Marimba 4250 Steel 4.5 C-F     High Pitch
Marimba 4350 Steel 4.5 C-F     Low Pitch

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