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Deagan Song Bells

Deagan Song Bells are a combination of the most desirable features of Orchestra Bells, Steel Marimbas and Celestes and our latest creation in the way of Orchestra Bells. The register of Deagan Song Bells is one octave lower than either Orchestra Bells or Parsifal Bells of a corresponding range.

Deagan Song Bells are at once a charming solo instrument and exceptionally fine when used in playing an obligato to a vocal number. The wonderful success along the latter lines suggested the name, Song Bells.

Source: Deagan Catalog R

Deagan Song Bells 

Instrument Model Number Name Octaves & Range Bar Size Date Built Notes
Bells 100 Song Bells 2.5 G-C 1 1/4x1/4 1918-24 Steel Bars
Bells 101 Celeste Song Bells 2.5 F-C 1 1/4x1/2 1925-30 Aluminum Bars
Bells 102 Song Bells 3 C-C 1 1/4x1/4 1918-24 Steel Bars


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