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The Deagan Range of Tone Indicator

As prospective customers for our instruments are always anxious to know what the ranges of our instruments are, beginning with the lowest tone and going up to the highest tone, and where the lowest and highest tones of same are located on the piano keyboard, we have adopted the following method of describing same, so that you may know just exactly from what tone on the piano your instrument starts, and how far same continues.

We have illustrated herewith an 88-note piano keyboard starting with low A and continuing up to high C. We have numbered each key or tone consecutively from one to eighty-eight.

In describing the scale of our various instruments, same will be indicated as follows: for instance our No. 2153 Class A Bells (Page F-11) ranges 2 1/2 octaves chromatic F to C, and the reference to the piano scale of same is made as follows: F33 to C64, which means that the lowest F of this instrument is the same as the F indicated as No. 33 on the piano keyboard, and the highest C of this instrument is No. 64 on the piano keyboard, as illustrated herewith.

The scale of all the various instruments listed in this catalogue will be designated as per the above, so that you may know the exact range of the various instruments listed.

Source: Deagan Catalog F 


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